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utorak, 16 maj 2017 07:20

Infrastructure development key to establishing favorable business ambient

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Podgorica, PR press service – Key requirement for swift employment and establishing favourable business environment is developing infrastructure; without it, Montenegro is not competitive and employers face severe obstacles, said Prime Minister, Dusko Markovic.

At the formal session marking 15th anniversary of the work of Union of Employers of Montenegro (UPCG), he said that democracy in Montenegro was not solely a result of intra-political party dialogue.

„Genuine democracy, in the best interest of citizens, results from the economy and its results. This is why we wish to join our efforts in fostering legal framework, so that we can eliminate certain barriers and dissatisfactions“, said Markovic.

He stressed that the State needed to act in a responsible way so that the employers and their companies can have room for developing their businesses, generate more profit and  provide for better living of their employees.

“This is why”, as he said, “it is necessary to implement reforms in education, health care, social policy and, primarily” as he said ”in the state administration”.

„State administration over the next period has to be more efficient, more rational and more accessible. Over the past years, public administration has more been a bottleneck, source of misunderstanding and resistance to ideas of the business community and individuals engaged in business, than an incentive, encouragement and service to people presenting those ideas“, underlined Markovic.

According to him, the key requirement for more accessible employment and establishing favourable business ambient is development of infrastructure, in the absence of which, as he stated, Montenegro is not competitive and employers face „severe“ limitations.

„This is why we are interested in stepping up our road infrastructure. We are also determined initiate the procedure of better valorisation of Montenegrin airports this year, in  cooperation with the World Bank (WB)” was the message sent by Markovic.

The Government is, as he said, dedicated to stop new consumer indebtedness in favour of assuming new development loans by Montenegro by 2019.

„Without development we have n chance to attain our key objectives.  We expect that in 2019 we will have surplus, lack of deficit and steep declining trend of public debt“, said Markovic.

Chairlady of the UPCG, Svetlana Vuksanovic, said that this association would continue with the processes lined with European orientation, where, as she explained, it was necessary to treat root causes, instead of dealing with the consequences, and in which the economy would take precedence over policy.

„Only by the power of unity we can build environment in which employers and entrepreneurs could mark business success, recruit new employees, support economic and social development, support progress and successful positioning of the Country in international landscape“, assessed Vuksanovic.

She stressed that reforms in Montenegro were necessary and she reminded on the global economic crisis requiring urgent actions and bearing large losses and expenses.

„Those that succeeded were able to conquer the consequences of the crisis and now the only thing they require today is a chance and conditions so that they can give their contribution and harvest from the economic, social, cultural and political progress.  Not less, but not more than that“, said Vuksanovic.

UPCG will, as she stressed, „make itself loud “ in the fight for better business conditions, more efficient state, successful employers and satisfied employees.

„We have the right, and above all the obligation, to analyze, criticise, request and propose solutions that would help regulatory agencies to act in the best interest of the economy and anyone creating, employing and contributing to economic progress of the state“, stated Vuksanovic.

Chairman of the Assembly of UPCG, Ivan Mitrovic, said that this association will continue to advocate and protect interests of employer in the jubilee year.

„UPCG shall act as a responsible partner to the Government and the trade union in any activity leading to building prosperity of the state of Montenegro and its citizens “, was the message passed by Mitrovic.

The specialist for employers’ activities in the office of International Labour Organisation (ILO) for Central and Eastern Europe, Dragan Radic, believes that the Montenegrin Employers Federation (MEF) already made strategic position in the region and wider, as a good model of professional and successful cooperation.

“International Labour Organisation recognises in the Union the example of good practice how to develop employers organisation in the right direction”, Radić said.

According to his words, the vision of MEF said it all “successful economy, successful Montenegro”.


“If you add the dignified labour to that, than you have very ambitious plan for which the successful partnership with the unions and the Government is required. And how do we achieve such partnership? Through the social dialogue”, Radić said.

President of the Social Council of Montenegro, Kenan Purisic, noted that a dialogue between the Government, employers and the trade union has a guiding role in policy making.

„Changes we create in labour area should be our economy’s drive in the future and provide for socially sustainable development“, stated Purisic.

He said that UPCG played important role in promoting socially responsible operations and that „without satisfied and successful employers there can be no successful employees“.

General Director of Association of Employers of Europe (BUSINESSEUROPE), Markus Beyrer, finds that UPCG can contribute to opening of the market and establishing closer  business relations with the rest of the European family.

General Secretary of International Organization of Employers (IOE), Linda Kromjong, in her video-message assessed that UPCG had greatly contributed to economic and social progress of Montenegro.

„Union marked enormous growth as an organization, promoted its services and currently is providing support and advice to its members on variety of topics.  This is the strength of joining around issues of the best interest of all of us “, underlined Kromjong.

At the formal session, rewards for contribution made to the development and operations if UPCG were delivered to the director of Montinvest, Dragutin Durutovic, executive director of Montplan, Miodrag Maras, CEO of Nec, Dimitrije Rasovic, CEOof Mil Pop Nebojsa Popovic, director of Green House, Dragan Vukovic and to specialist for employer activities in the office of ILO for the Central and East Europe, Dragan Radic.

Rewards for exceptional cooperation and contribution to the development and operations of UPCG were delivered to the Ambassador of Montenegro to Macedonia, Predrag Mitrovic and the firs president of UPCG and current President of the Assembly Ivan Mitrovic.

Short film on establishing, work, achievements and goals of UPCG was presented to attendants of the session.


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